Bengali Birthday


So the last couple of days we have been hanging out, eating (of course) and reading. Yesterday was Bhaskar’s birthday, so we had a little party and a lot of food (of course). Bhaskar, Bishnu and I have been having many interesting conversations about Indian identity, politics, colonialism, art and queer theory.

An interesting side point about birthdays in this part of India. A day or date is not considered to start until sunrise, and continues until sunrise the next day. Therefore, anyone born here between midnight and sunrise (6:30 am or so) may be considered to be born the prior day. Some people go by western time, some by Bengali sunrise time and some switch back and forth for fun, becoming a day older or younger at a whim.

But the humidity is starting to get to me a bit. I have a terrible itching in many places (arms, lower back and legs), especially at night making sleep not very fruitful. My friends say it sounds like “prickly heat”. I think I am more genetically cut out for cooler, dryer climates and/or AC.


  1. troy litten says:

    August in Calcutta with no AC? You poor lamb! It’s sunny, breezy, and a very comfortable 70 degrees in San Francisco. Hurry home! Miss you.

  2. troy litten says:

    Did you know there are copulating ladybugs at the bottom of your page?

  3. Mom says:

    There was a reason that God invented air conditioning! (WHAT was Buddha thinking??)