The Occidental Tourist


Well, it had to happen sooner or later. I am going back to the United States. I have booked a ticket for late September from Mumbai to San Francisco. I plan to spend a few weeks in SF, followed by a few in LA, followed by a few with my family in Indiana.

And after that? Who knows?

I have mixed feelings about returning to the US. On the one hand, I am overjoyed to reconnect with friends and family. And with the pace of the last  year, I have to admit to finally feeling a little bit of travel fatigue. It will be good for me to rest in some familiar surrounds for a few weeks. It will also be good to take stock of the past year.

On the other hand, I wonder how re-entry to the culture will look, and if I will be able to hold within me the best lessons of this trip. Not being sure where I will head after a couple months in the US, will I get sucked back into an unbalanced work life? Will I start hankering after objects and possessions? Will I worry overly much about my vanity? Will it be harder to live in the present moment?


  1. anonymous1 says:

    Late September? You’ll miss Rosh Hashanah.

  2. mom says:

    To answer your questions: sometimes.

    But believe it or not, the experiences/lessons of the past year will also open the door to lessons here–lessons you wouldn’t have learned without the advantage of new/altered/different perspectives.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Funny that the day I think to see what Stephen is up to, I read the adventure is almost over. Well, Congratulations my friend, no doubt you are a changed man. I’m sure your new found wisdom will ensure you don’t get trapped in old habits. You are an amazing human being.. its sad you are not coming to Oz or UK, but I do hope our paths cross once more. Love & trancendance… Jimmy x

  4. closetalk says:

    ure mom’s words do make sense, Traveller :)
    lets catch up this thanksgiving over turkey. hehe

  5. Sharan says:

    … what can I say, it was interesting meeting up with you in Udupi, even if the food was tolerable and the ice cream unpalatable, not to mention the muggy weather !!!

    have a safe journey home..

    regards !!