Made it…


Over the mountains, stopped for the night in the lovely Tikse, and finally got to Leh this afternoon. What a journey. Here are some of the highlights:

I knew the journey would be twists and turns and such at high altitude, but I guess I wasn’t prepared for things like bridges breaking 3 cars in front of us and waiting for a team of fix it guys to come repair it with hammers and wire and prayers (and no, I didn’t mean “pliers”). Nor was I prepared for the road to disappear on a high plain, forcing us to search for it again after crossing a valley. This road is amazingly bad and even in a 4 wheel drive I was surprised we were able to cross in places. Our driver was quite experienced though.

The other thing you should know about a trip of this sort is that your ass and balls will hurt from all the bumping up and down for all those hours (and for my female readers, I can only imagine what parts of your anatomy will be hurting, but you get my point).

Although I had a slight headache, my head didn’t explode nor my eyes bleed as we climbed to over 17000ft. See coming post for links to road pics.

We stopped in Tikse last night and it was incredible. See coming post for a description and link to pics.

It is dry dry dry in Ladakh. Water leaves your body just by breathing and in a very short while one is completely dehydrated.