This is starting to resemble an existentialist play.

We are in Keylong for yet another day as Juliette is still feeling sick and we wanted to give her a chance to get over whatever it is before moving to a higher elevation. She may have a stomach flu, or it may be altitude sickeness, or some combination of the two. Universe permitting, we will actually leave tomorrow morning (as early as humanly possible) and try to make it all the way to Tikse. We have been told conflicting things about the time it will take to get there, from 10 to 13 hours. We will go as far as we can in a day (and to as low an elevation as we can  for sleeping.)  There is no big hurry really as our only fixed endpoint is the flight out of Leh to Delhi on the 13th. Although I think our driver is sick of sleeping in the car in Keylong.