Getting used to Kelong


I lied. Juliette and I decided, after taking stock of our shortness of breath, to spend an extra day in Keylong and acclimatise a bit before heading up higher. Tomorrow night we will camp out in Sarchu (at about 4200m, it is several hundred meters lower elevation than our previously planned stop at Pang) then spend the following night in Tikse, followed by Leh the day after that.

I am still hobbled by dial up, but since I don’t have a whole lot to do while I am getting used to the altitude, I did endure the wait and upload a few shots from the past 2 days. Enjoy.


  1. mom says:

    Wow–magnificent scenery. But I sympathize with the altitude problems; as you’ll recall, I was “breathless in Lhasa.” Take it slow and easy……