Bhagsu and Back


This morning after meditation, Juliette and I met up with Raul and his lovely friend Diana to have breakfast and take a walk to Bhagsu, about 2km away. It was glorious, with a winding stone and dirt path past small houses and through lush landscape. I was surprised by just how many Israelis and Hebrew language signs we passed, they seem to make up the single largest group of foreign tourists in the area. Once in Bhagsu, Juliette and I parted company with our friends and took a little hike up to the local waterfall, then back to Mcleodganj. We will probably leave by taxi to Manali tomorrow or the day after, then arrange to get to Leh in Ladakh through high mountain passes.

From to Bhagsu


  1. Anonymous1 says:

    Perhaps as a Jew a spiritual journey to Israel might be in order. If nothing else they’ve got good plumbing.