Selamat Jalan, KL


I am feeling a little sad to say goodbye to KL and my buddy Jeff, but I think the time is right to return to India. I have had such an amazing time here and feel certain that I will return to Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur. To think, I almost didn’t come here. It was just a fluke that my flight to Delhi from Shanghai was routed through KL and I just decided to get off here. I have had the most amazing time and met some incredible people. Jeff in particular has become such a good friend, it feels like we have known each other for years.

It will be a bit strange heading back to India after a more than 2 month absence. I will have some readjusting to do. But I am also looking forward to exploring the northern and eastern parts of the country, as well as refreshing and expanding my meditation and yoga practice (which I have all but abandoned the last 2 months).


  1. yivon says:

    Hope to see you around again, in Malaysia :)
    I saw your blog link in the local newspaper and thought of checking it out :)
    Have A Safe Journey !

  2. livinghigh says:

    back to bbay?
    am still here till the 28th.. and then, in calcutta till the 5th….

  3. cheesehead-milwaukee says:

    I’m glad that you’ve came and had a wonderful time here in KL. Hope we can have you back here again with your exciting travel stories. Looking fwd for your up coming article in the New Straits Times.
    Meanwhile – take care – safe journey – coz we want you back here :)