I, Blogger


I’m published! In the New Straits Times no less. It is a pretty impressive spread. It is odd to see my work edited and put in print. There is both a pride and a kind of cringing feeling. Sort of like, wow this is print, this is permanent.

If I say something really stupid online, the beauty of the web (and let’s face it, controlling my own blog and site) is that I can revise at any time. Sure, there might be a trace or two in a Google index for awhile, but I can correct, revise, reshape – my blog is a living document. And while I tend to leave my mistakes and simply write another post or two restating things, I always have the last word. This is different. The other thing that makes it different from online is that someone else is doing the editing. The exigencies of style and space limitations in a print publication take certain aspects out of my hands. (For example, compare the “published” link with my original article here, and you will notice a few differences.)

I was also quite shocked (in a good way) to see the difference between the online version and the print one. Wow!


  1. livinghigh says:

    i L-O-V-E the article!!!!
    and hey, that snap of the crisscrossed power wires in delhi was from our trip to chandni chowk/red fort, wasnt it?! :)

    shucks, i am SOOOO gonna miss this country. *sigh sigh*

  2. Dhananjay says:

    Hey that’s really cool!