Random odd things about Malaysia


– In malls, all of the shops have (in addition to the shop name) labels for what they are (such as boutique, stand, restaurant, etc). As if you wouldn’t know that a shop is a shop without the generic label.

– At restaurants, when they bring the check, they always stand over you watching while you fill out tip amount and sign. In my country, this is considered rude.

– On several occasions, I have noticed people flushing while urinating (not waiting to be done).

– I’ve come to understand this is a Chinese thing, but no buildings seem to have a 4th floor, as it is considered unlucky. They instead have a “3a”.


  1. Chrysan says:

    Hi! I saw your article while in Malaysia. I’m from the states and also write about traveling. Nice blog!


    Btw, they skip 4th floor because “four” sounds like “to die” in Chinese… superstitious people!