Slight change of plans


Well, I was planning on heading back to India tomorrow. Then I got up this morning and noticed that my ticket said today (yikes!) , and so I called Malaysia airlines in a slight panic to reschedule for next Monday. And luckily, my ticket is flex and there was no charge. This gave me the opportunity to go by the American embassy this morning and have my passport enlarged. Believe it or not, I had actually run out of pages to stamp. Fortunately, getting pages added was one of the most painless administrative things I have ever had to do. The staff at the embassy here in KL is very helpful and friendly, and the entire process took about 45 minutes from arrival to departure. How’s that for bureaucratic efficiency?

Hanging out in KL will also give me a little time to finish a couple of articles for a local newspaper. (Yes, I am going to be published off the web. Pretty exciting, no?) In addition, my buddy Jeff set me up with a voice reading (a screen test for voice) for this afternoon, so who knows perhaps my voice will grace a radio ad or some such thing in the near future. Just another odd notch on my acting belt. I get the giggles with this stuff.