First Craving


I’m not sure if this is significant or not, but last night I had a craving for pizza. Not just any pizza either, but the New York slice variety. Although on occasion during my travels I have eaten western food, this is truly the first time in memory I actually had a definite desire to eat something strongly identified with the culture I grew up in. What does it mean? That I am on the downhill slope towards heading home? That my wanderlust is beginning to be satisfied and I am ready to find a single place (in the US or elsewhere) in which to settle for a while? Do I even believe in the concept of “home”? Maybe it just means that something as ubiquitous as pizza is in my culture, by its lack of availability in this part of the world, turns into something exotic.


  1. gabe says:

    Or maybe you just wanted to eat some NY Pizza cuz it’s so freakin good. :) Ask Troy, he knows all about that.

  2. tlitten says:

    Well, yes, NY pizza *is* pretty freakin good, but for me it’s more about the NY “grabbing a slice” experience. Especially late at night alongside all the hungry drunken night owls. NYers can argue endlessly about the best pizza in town. Gabe? Weigh in here? As for that photo, rectilinear pizza is just wrong. But sampling what different cultures call pizza is very enlightening. I ordered a pizza “with olives” (according to the menu) in Croatia, to be served a round cheese pizza with one lonely olive perched in the center. My waiter didn’t take too kindly to my impromptu singular vs. plural noun english language lesson. miss you!

  3. mom says:

    Yes, Virginia, there IS such a thing as “home.”

    And I hope the medium (pizza) is the message (time to come home!)

  4. livinghigh says:

    ok, dats a rectangular pizza… how weird.
    and hey, u can get those giant slice thingys at some places in bbay too, so come back here, traveller :)

  5. Any other cravings?