A Stone Throne from Tuk Tuk


Mike, Maureen and I took an odyssey adventure journey from Georgetown. We began by taking a submarine (they called it a boat) from Georgetown to Belawan in Indonesia, followed by some intense haggling and negotiation at the pier. We then took a shared mini-mini death van into Medan, where we switched to a private car to take us to Lake Toba, breaking all sorts of speed records and possibly killing a chicken or two on our way here. Last night we got in late and ended up staying at a resort that could have been the set for “The Shining”, but all was worth it when we woke up this morning and saw the view of the spectacular lake. We left our hotel this morning and took a ferry to the Tuk Tuk peninsula on the island of Samosir in the middle of the lake. We are staying at a lovely place called Carolina’s with an amazing view. This place is incredibly beautiful and peaceful. The Batik architecture is pretty cool and we have taken some lovely walks on the island. The three of us are sharing a 14.4 modem connection at the moment, so this is all I can write for now. Amazing photography will be coming soon!