Pool Blogging.


That’s right, I am blogging poolside in Koh Samui¬†with a view over Big Buddha from our fabulous villa. This place is amazing. We went grocery shopping for just about everything this morning and will be here for the next three days, hanging out and celebrating the aging process.


  1. mom says:

    Wow! The villa is fantastic!
    Tell Keith and Maureen hello for me, and have a WONDERFUL 40th birthday.

    (I can’t understand how you can be forty when I’m only a couple of years older than that….)

    Love, Mom

  2. That is a gorgeous view!I mentioned you and your blog in the entry I posted on my blog today! :o)

  3. mta says:

    Happy Birthday today Stephen!
    I’ve celebrated so many with you (remember that lawn at civic center..).
    Keith can give you my birthday spirit hug.
    love love

  4. livinghigh says:

    have fun with yer aging process, babes!
    happy bud-day

  5. Jose Montano says:

    Birthday greetings from Marina del Rey!

    That infinity pool looks incredibly inviting…as does the beach. Looks like you’re all gearing up for a really fun celebration. Happy 40th!!


    from the gang at 20 Eastwind (Sally, Ale and Jose)

  6. Arnaud says:


    xxx Arnaud

  7. Brook Lynne says:

    This photostory looks like the most memorable 40th birthday ever. While your travel and contemplation have probably cured you of envy, know that Yours Truly wishes quite selfishly that she was there to experience it with you! Happy 40th, Fair Stephen. xox