Blue Balls in Bali


No, not that kind. Jeff and I moved to a cool new (more modern) hotel this morning, then explored the area by foot. I also learned some interesting things about Bali first names. (The Balinese only have four first names. The first child is named Wayan, the second child is Made, the third is Nyoman and the fourth is Ketut. The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth will be named Wayan, Made, Nyoman, Ketut and Wayan again. As you might imagine, nicknames are very important here.)


  1. closetalk says:

    aha. but u didnt say wat de balls are there for anyway. or why they’re blue.

  2. Eric Yulo says:

    Your hotel looks great! Is that Kuta? Have you been to the gay section in Seminyak yet?

    I’m continuing to enjoy your travelogue. Take care!

  3. Paprika says:

    Hey you! Am glad you boys are having such a blast in Bali. Hands off my boy’s balls! See you back in KL!

  4. Brook Lynne says:

    Nice digs for a short-term place to crash. And that it comes with blue balls…talk about amenities.