Here’s looking at Ubud


Our driver Made arrived at 11am this morning to pick us up and schlep us all over the island. We started at Batur, a really beautiful volcanic (last eruption: 1963) area where we took in a beautiful view, a crappy buffet (oh no! not another buffet!), and a cool pura (temple). After that we made our way to the crafty village of Ubud, which although fairly touristy was quite cute in its way. Next up was the “fire dance” (also known as Kachak. Also known as the Monkey Warrior Dance.) at sunset near the southwestern coast town of Ulu Watu. We finished up the evening with a fair Nasi Minang meal consisting of, among other things, deep fried lung, curry liver and marinated cow skin. The rest of the meal was pretty edible.

Made told me during dinner that he was 48 years old. I said, “No way! You look much younger.” I lied. He looks 58 if he looks a day. But he is a father of 5, a grandfather, and seems very proud of his son the police officer. The others he didn’t want to talk about.

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