What makes the world beautiful?


This is the question posed at the endpoint of an exhibit entitled “Beauty in Asia“. I went to this exhibit at the lovely Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore. If you are ever in Singapore, this museum is definitely worth a visit. They have some stunning artifacts and great interactive exhibits that are wonderfully put together.

At the end of the exhibit, they ask this (somewhat) provocative question and offer some possible answers, encouraging the patrons to drop their ticket in one of the boxes to vote on the best answer. I almost dropped mine in the box that said “love”, but then hesitated. I kept my ticket in my back-pocket (for now) and walked out.



  1. Sally at the Beach says:

    I think I would go with the majority when it comes to what makes the world beautiful – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Interesting choices tho – wisdom (perhaps), power (oh my!), peace (yes), money (hmmmm – I thought money makes the world go round), individuality (possibly), family (my second choice), devotion (possibly), anticipation (?), youth (ah yes), solitude (another maybe), perseverance (possibly), order (I do love order), freedom (yes), death (???), creativity (another yes). Sounds like this was a great excursion. besos! ~Sally at the Beach