There comes a time in every man’s life, when we think about the meaning of life. About getting older. About dying. Today, for some reason, I thought about my 40th birthday coming up. And being in Bali, I thought about the beach. And I thought about…vanity.

Jeff was ever so encouraging, and the price was certainly right at only 9 dollars, so I went for a backwax for the first (and probably LAST) time in my life. OWWWWW!

From bali


  1. Mom says:

    Any woman could have warned you about the pain of waxing!

    Ah, vanity…I guess thy name isn’t “woman” after all….

    Bali looks fantastic. Tell me there are mosquitos in paradise, or I’ll be really jealous.

  2. Sally at the Beach says:

    I am with your mom — I could have given you a heads up about the owees of waxing. There is a price my dear friend! but $9 is a great bargain; and the redness/bumps will go away and probably are gone by now. Glad you got to the beach for some cooler climate. It is gorgeous here in the Marina. Miss you! besos.

  3. gabe says:

    Dear friend: As a hirsuite Jew, I can assure you that the best (least painful and cheapest) way to deal with your problem is to make the acquaintance of your neighborhood drugstore. There, they stock a fun little product called Nair.

    Yes, it’s gross. But, for one’s back (providing there’s no allergy) it really works wonders. Painlessly.