Singin’ in the rain Singapore


Well, not singing actually, but it IS raining here. Not much yesterday though. I switched hotels to the slightly better (but still not recommendable) Tropical Hotel, still in Chinatown. At least they use real pillowcases here, and I slept much better last night.

Also I had dinner with a lovely couple who are friends of my friend Ruthbea’s friends. (how’s that for a tenuous connection?) They showed me all around Little India and we had a great South Indian meal and talked about what gives life meaning.

Here’s a few more odd things I have noticed in Singapore:

1. People are more precise about time here than in other parts of Asia I have been to. On no fewer than THREE occasions where I was to meet people somewhere here, the appointed time was 45 minutes past the hour. Not on the hour, not on the half hour. Interesting.

2. Music stations in cabs, shops, wherever ALL seem to be playing the songs I grew up with, mostly from my high school years. And really obscure things like Cory Hart’s “Never Surrender”. Go figure.

3. Food courts are not a dirty word here like they are in the US. You can actually eat very good food in them.

From Singapore


  1. tlitten says:

    Great to see what you’re eating, cause you’re starting to look kinda thin! In a good way, of course ;-) Then again, I have a nasty habit of always photographing the food I eat when I travel so I can relate. Stay cool! Miss you! Love you! So enjoying reading about your travels… xxoo -t

  2. Sally at the Beach says:

    Well, dude — looks like you’re on quite a roll there in Singapore, singing or not. The MRT looks fabulously clean and wonderful–I would love it except for the heat. Loved the signage “To Marina Bay,” too bad it wasn’t “Marina del Rey” or you could have stopped by for a while. BTW, those sheets of pork are a major delicacy among Asians (especially the Chinese) — it’s like jerky; we used to fight over it when we were kids. You’re looking great and sounds like you’re doing swell. Have you started your countdown yet for your BD? sorry, I won’t be there as I had hoped. besos! Sally at the Beach

  3. gabe says:

    I saw you made it to East Coast for Sugar Cane – but no crab pictures. What gives? Did you eschew the delicious crab of Singapore for a common piece of cane?