Spendy Singapore


It is PRICEY here. Not more than the US, but a reminder of why I am able to travel for so long in most parts of Asia (especially India) while I would be dead broke by now in my own country.

Some of my experiences and observations so far:

– It is spotlessly clean here. Sterile, almost.

– Chicken with rice. This deceptively simple sounding dish almost moved me to tears at lunch today. It was super extra delicious. I especially recommend the establishment just down from Hotel 81 Chinatown on New Bridge Road. It doesn’t look like much (just an almost basement level stall), but it was amazing. This dish consists of Chicken (exceedingly tender), ginger, chili sauce, cilantro, sweet thick soy sauce and, of course rice. Yum!

– As long as we are talking food, I had an amazing avocado shake today. That’s right.

– As long as we are talking hotels, DON’T stay at the Hotel81 Chinatown. It is clearly a love hotel, the rooms are the size of postage stamps, and most annoyingly of all, they use disposable pillowcases like on airplanes. These leave a waffle imprint on my face.

– I have seen some actually cool architecture here (but not much). Among the standouts: The National Museum and the Esplanade (that looks like a Durian).

– Speaking of buildings, there is a super weird new temple in Chinatown that claims to house the tooth of the Buddha.

– It is (of course) HOT and WET here. So what else is new.

– Was Stamford Raffles gay? It would sure appear that way to look at his statue.

– Did I mention how expensive it is here?

From Singapore


  1. Mom says:

    Have you developed a theory as to why some Asian countries are so clean, and others (ok, India) are so dirty??

    Great pictures!