Strangers are just friends you haven’t met.


Had a totally fab last couple of days in KL. On the bus back from Melaka, I met a sweet married couple Elif and Harry from London who are traveling for three months in Asia. We met later for dinner at the fabulous Bijan restaurant (which specializes in Malay cuisine). It was raining like crazy and although we made a valiant effort to wait out the rain over dinner, after three hours we made a run for it to the next bar a hundred meters down the street, getting thoroughly soaked (and giggling like crazy) in the process.

The very next day I made a new friend, Jeff (and a friend of his Way Cheng, who happens to run Bijan, what a crazy coincidence). We hung out all day, eating, taking in the sights, walking around.

It is amazing sometimes how easily you can click with some people. It also makes me remember that despite my ease with traveling solo, it is always wonderful to share experiences. Despite my blogging proclivities, I truly prefer dialogue to monologue.


  1. livinghigh says:

    mmm.. so wats malay food like? chinese? lol. ok, so dat was my ignorance BEAMING thru! :)