Melaka Bound


I am checked out of Number 8 and awaiting my taxi to Melaka (or Malacca, if you prefer). KL has been fantastic. It is an easy city to get lazy in and time just passes. Went out to a great bar last night called Frangipani, the music and the people were pretty happening. I could probably stay longer, but something compels me to take advantage of my time here and see more of the country. After Melaka, I will head to Singapore for a few days, then either Indonesia or back to Malaysia (but this time to Penang in the north).


  1. marites says:

    Yes, please DO go to Indonesia…particularly Borabodur on Java (for the monumentality of it…) And of course you have to go to Bali. Avoid the touristy cities like Kuta, and even Ubud, and find a smaller town. You will appreciate the mix of spirituality and art integrated into the most mundane things. After your time in India, you’ll appreciate the hindu vibe – and discover the differences.Do you have time to go to Sulawesi too?
    p.s.everyday I’m more and more jealous of Keith, being able to see you soon…maybe I should leave the girls and join you all…