Turbotax, you stink.


I used to love Turbotax online. I could transfer all my stuff from Quicken, answer a few questions online and voila! taxes done, no mess. Well, this year, thanks to a “looping error” (their description, not mine. I would just call it fucked up.) , the Turbotax people e-filed a DIFFERENT form than what they told me they had! They added thousands of dollars to my income (thousands I never made) and consequently, the IRS and California tax franchise board all want a lot more money from me that I do not owe. The crazy thing is that they asked me to “print for my records” the form they had filed, when in fact it was NOT the form they filed.  The form I printed was correct. The form they filed, wrong. Grrr!

Although they have admitted their error, they will not re-file. So guess who has to prepare an amended tax return by hand and send it overseas? I figure this will take the better part of two days. Then I have to submit a form on Quicken’s site to claim my refund to the penalty fees that the IRS is charging me. What SHOULD the Quicken/Turbotax people do? Make it right, re-filing it without me having to lift a finger. But they won’t, and so it is doubtful I will be using their product again.

Thank you all (both of you) for letting me vent. Hopefully my next post will be about something interesting.


  1. audrey says:

    Boy this sounds like a really good lie you came up with while smoking a pipe of some sort!

    Let me know which jail they put you in….you’ll be in good company, as Paris is back in the clink!