Notes on Kuala Lumpur


There is a lot to like about KL. I find this a very interesting city on a number of levels.

– It has a very friendly and laid back feel, not at all like the other Asian capitals. This place reminds me much more of Seattle than Bangkok.

– Spent some time in the National History Museum here. Among the laughable items was the way they presented Islam coming to Malaysia (solid cooperation of a grateful populace to spread the word of the prophet) vs colonialism (evil aggressors usurping Malaysian sovereignty). As if both could not be seen in the exact same light.

– People are really friendly and helpful here.

– There ain’t much in the way of great architecture here, Petronas Towers notwithstanding. Although the area around the towers at night was quite lovely. It is interesting to note the number of Moorish-Colonial inspired buildings.

– This seems to be a city in love with food, especially street food. Can’t wait to try more!

-Accommodation on the whole is cheap and good. I am staying at a different guest house this evening which is also cheap and nice. (my favorite other one only had dorm beds available. I will be back in my own room there tomorrow night)

-Communication is a breeze here. Somewhere along the way, they decided to use the Latin alphabet for Malay which makes things way more familiar. Also, many of the words are very similar to their English equivalents. And most people speak excellent English.

– Believe it or not, cellphone communications are EVEN CHEAPER than India. I bought a SIM and have been texting overseas for about a nickel.

-And finally, this seems a surprisingly gay friendly city. I have met a few nice guys online who have been very helpful in orienting me in what there is to do here. (And no, not that way. At least not yet. :))