Waiting for Mr Jew…


OK, his name isn’t really Jew, but it is darn close (Mr. Zhu). Gerard came to pick me up with his driver for the day (the aforementioned Mr. Jew) and we had him drop us at a park for the first part of the trip. No sooner had we left the vehicle than we realized that we had left his number and our phones and bags etc in the car so had no way of contacting him to come pick us up. We headed back to Gerard’s hotel by taxi where he had to contact his New York office to get a temp password to get into his email to get Mr. Jew’s number to call him to come back to the hotel to pick us up. We had late lunch in the hotel while waiting. Then we got a call from reception. Mr. Jew had misunderstood, dropped our stuff at the hotel and promptly left for the day. So much for the sightseeing with driver, but it was fun nonetheless hangin’ with Gerard.