Frankly, ehh. I could be affected by the shitty weather, but so far Shanghai seems to offer none of the dynamic stylish qualities of Hong Kong, none of the imperial interest of Beijing or Xian. It seems drab. And sorta sad. And I have never been approached by more people hawking watches in my life! Who are these legions of tourists that give a damn to buy a fake Rolex?

I’m not very impressed by most of the architecture of Shanghai. The newer stuff is mostly pretty ugly and the older stuff is almost non existent or fairly plain. The life on the street seems subdued. I get the feeling Shanghai is living off a great reputation it must’ve had in colonial times. I am not feeling it. It feels like a city that isn’t trying very hard or thinks that food courts are a cool new invention.

On the plus side, I saw my new friend Gerard (who I met in Hong Kong) at his swanky as hell room in the Grand Hyatt. The hotel would’ve been even better I imagine if the view out his 69th floor window wasn’t obscured by the clouds.