Slick Ticket Scam


It happens at least once in every country. I got scammed. This one was pretty slick. As we arrived at the train station in Beijing, there was a commotion going on as a guy was screaming at the woman at the help desk counter. I was standing nearby when a Chinese man, in perfect English, asks me if I need any help finding my train as he grabs my ticket out of my hand. I said, “No thanks, I know where we are going.” and he handed my ticket back to me and went on his way. That is to say, I THOUGHT he had handed my ticket back to me. In fact, he handed me a ticket on the same train, for the same date, but in seated class (about half the price of my ticket). Fortunately, the people on the train accepted my story and didn’t make me pay for my seat a second time (although they started out asking me to) and so I got to ride with our group in style. The guy must’ve sold the ticket to get the difference in price and made off with the money (which wasn’t all that much by the way, perhaps $60). Now I understand the reason for putting names on tickets.

pretty damn similar, huh?