One day to HK


Bye, Beijing. We are headed via 24 hour train to Hong Kong. On our last train from Xian, we were assigned 2nd class seats when we had paid for 1st. What this meant was that we were in 4 person berths instead of 2 person berths, so I got to share with 2 middle aged women from Beijing whose friend (we’ll call her Sylvia) from down the hall spent much of the evening with us.  It appears that Sylvia is going through some sort of domestic squabble with her husband. She was tearful and angry, sharing loud and animated complaining to her friends (and me by sad association). I don’t speak Mandarin, but I feel almost certain I heard the words for “cheating bastard”.

As interesting as all of this was, I wouldn’t mind a little high class comfort for this longer train journey to Hong Kong. See you soon.