To Xian


The high altitude train was for the most part not bad. A little cramped (and we were in the deluxe seats), but very new and mostly pleasant. We did feel a little short of breath when reaching 16000 ft, so we plugged in our oxygen tubes and were breathing a bit easier until we reached the lower altitudes.

We are now in Xian, where today we will go to see a bit of the city and the terra cotta warriors. I walked around near our hotel this morning and my first impression is that the city is spookily spotless. There isn’t a stray paper or morsel of anyting anywhere.

From to Xian


  1. Kelly says:

    Glad you guys made it….without killing each other!
    FYI–Bert graduated last night!

  2. You look like an invalid here. It’s kinda hot! ;o)