Went to an AMAZING restaurant called Krishnarpan last night in the Dwarika Hotel in Kathmandu. We had a Nepali “sit down” (read: low tables) meal that was the best food of the whole trip. We had personalized menus prepared for our six course meal. (We could have chosen a 9, 12, 15, or 22 course meal, believe it or not.) The entire experience was perfect, from the decor of the restaurant and hotel to the wine, to the course selections. If you are ever in Kathmandu and want to splurge a little (our meal came to about 30 usd per person) I highly recommend this place. (Hat tip to my friend Jai who recommended the place to me.)

I am at the airport now, awaiting our plane to Llasa, Tibet. Not sure what internet access will be like in Tibet and China, so this might be my last post for awhile. (right.) Stay tuned.