Believe it or not, the centerpiece of our day involved visiting not one, not two, but three Durbar Squares in various places. We hired a driver to haul us around for the day and since it was raining for a good part of it, we were happy not to be walking. We started out with a visit to a small medieval town just outside of Kathmandu called Bhaktapur. Although it was raining heavily, it was an amazing little town of winding streets and still more beautiful architecture. After that we headed to Patan, a city just south of Kathmandu proper (and really a part or suburb of Kathmandu) where we took in our 2nd Durbar Square and surroundings. Patan is somewhat older than the part we are staying in and I thought the buildings and feel of the place were incredible. I can definitely see myself coming back to Nepal to explore further. Last (and definitely least), we took in the most famous of the Durbar Squares in Kathmandu. It was still incredible, but didn’t live up to the other two IMHO. Following are the pics, you be the judge.

From Bhaktapur

From Patan