Doin’ Delhi


My parents arrive tomorrow night and I have been waiting for them here in Delhi. On Wednesday, we will travel together to Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, and China before parting company. After that I will move on to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia before heading to Thailand for my birthday.

Hanging out in Delhi over the past few days has been great. I stayed with Meeta and the family for a few days, took in the deplorable Spiderman 3, made a couple of new friends, went out dancing at a gay club called Concord, had early morning chocolate cake at a place called yellow brick road where I met the cutest group of Delhi lesbians, had a truly AMAZING dim sum at the Oberoi hotel, experienced a brief but impressive thunderstorm, met up with Alok and saw Lodi Gardens, met up with friends of his and discussed marriage law among different religious groups in India, and lastly ate lunch at a rather famous canteen called Andhra Bhavan.


  1. Mom says:

    We’re packed and ready! We’ll leave for the airport at 3:30 local time–then a mere 18 or 19 hours of travel, and we’ll see you. We’re going to have a wonderful, adventurous time! All of a sudden, there has been a spate of articles and TV features about Bhutan–glad we’re coming now, because I think Bhutan will be FLOODED with tourists soon!

    See you in less than a day!!!