Virgins! Virgins! Virgins!


Call me a geek, but I use weblog analysis software to look at some of the traffic on my website. This includes information about keyword searches in google that lead to my site and (interestingly) geographic information about my various readers.

Since my post of a few days ago entitled “Virgins” I have noticed traffic to my blog has shot up from a number of new places that have never before seemed very interested in me or my travels. Among the curious new locations are Ahvaz and Mashhad in Iran, Baku in Azerbaijan, Lima in Peru, Catania in Italy and a few others in Canada, South Africa and Malaysia. Could some of these be related to other posts? Is it just a coincidence that these have come since writing about virginity? Are the Iranian people just getting hip to a blog written by a so-called (take your pick: American, Gay, Jewish, Atheist, Socialist, etc) guy on a spiritual quest?


  1. Mom says:

    It’s all sex….everyone’s looking for sex. (Maybe virgins bring a better price?)

    See you ONE WEEK from today!