Pune too


Had a wonderful brief stay in Pune. Lyla, Dhanajay (and their friends Tara and Shweta) and I hung out, watched Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (a Bollywood film I had never seen), ate well and generally played silly. The movie, although so sweet I think I may have a cavity, was great fun. But (playing a minor role in the film) Salman Khan has to be the most annoying actor ever to grace (and I am using the term very loosely) a Bollywood screen. He seems always unnatural, especially in the odd way he bounces around everywhere instead of walking, as if he were some struggling high school thespian unsure of his stage direction. The only talent I can surmise he genuinely has is for taking off his shirt.

From Pune too


  1. He does look cute. I guess the talent for taking off his shirt is enough to get him by.