Chillin’ still in Mumbai


The last few days have been pretty low key. I seem to be seeing more than my fair share of mediocre or just plain bad movies. But at least the seats are nice. The other day, I dusted off my credentials and went to Nikhil‘s office to perform a small technical audit of his systems. At the end of the day I watched a new piece of welding equipment get inaugurated. Over the last few days I have been variously hanging out, meeting people, noticing Indo-Saracenic architecture, practicing yoga, going out for drinks, getting my Chinese visa, eating out at nice places, reading, and contemplating my 40th birthday in Thailand.

Today I am headed to Pune for a few days to hang out with Dhananjay and Lyla, then back to Mumbai for a day or two, then (if I muster the courage to face the heat) Shumona and I will head back to Igatpuri for a three day refresher vipassana meditation.


  1. BOB says:

    Your photography is getting pretty good. Some of the shots are woderful, the one “on the way to Malabar Hill”
    I feel so cheated because my education included nothing on Eastern Architecture. Your going to have to put together a primer on Indian Architecture.