My Kingdom for a Map of Mumbai


Ok, let’s face it: I don’t have a kingdom. But the problem of finding good maps in India borders on the extreme. No one seems to produce them. None of the main mapping sites like Google have any info that is useful. I can understand how difficult this can be in a city like Mumbai with almost no building numbers (most buildings have names), but the economic incentive should be massive. Today I was fortunate to come across this site that has the best interactive map of Mumbai I have seen by far. For the locals, enjoy.


  1. John Hay, Jr. says:

    At breakfast yesterday in Indy, Sheila pointed me to your blog yesterday. Enjoying it. I recently completed a 3,200 kilometer bicycle ride from Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu to Delhi. We blogged the six-week adventure thru the heart of India at Regarding maps, both local and nationwide, we found the the Indian company Eicher has the most accurate and highest level of detail. Peace.