Good Luggage Karma


Unbelievable. As the train was pulling out from Margao on its way to Mumbai, I was feeling pretty good knowing that I was taking a break from heavy travelling. Some guy making his way through theĀ  car noticed me sitting in my compartment and came in to introduce himself and chat. We were having a lovely conversation, him telling me about working as an engineer for the railways, when suddenly to my horror I realized that I had left my large bag (the one with all my clothes, toiletries, mosquito net, etc in it) in the internet cafe of the train station. It was a lucky coincidence that I was with this fellow who works for the railways. In a few minutes, he had retrieved the number of the info booth at the station. I called and they went to check for my bags and then informed me a few minutes later that it was safely in the hands of the station superintendant. I called him and arranged to have the bag sent up on the next train. I picked it up this morning from CST station from the train attendant. I can’t believe my luck.


  1. Mom says:

    I can’t believe that, either! You must have your grandfather Joe’s “luck” gene. We’d be going someplace where parking was problematic, and other people would be circling blocks, looking for a space, and he would always find one–someone would be pulling out of a space close to the door of our destination.

    Not too long til we see you!