You didn’t have to throw up on me.


All I asked was “Where is the closest internet cafe”? Then the kid she was holding barfed up some milk like substance all over her, the ground, and my pants leg. That little incident aside, we had an interesting time in the tiny city of Ullal, 10km south of Mangalore. We stayed at a highly-recommended-by-the-guidebooks “Summer Sands Beach Resort”. The books listed yoga classes, bar, restaurant, lovely beach – It sounded like an ideal break for a day or two. When we got there we found the prices were double what had been listed in the book, but the place looked kinda nice so we took a room and checked in. Then it all started to fall apart. First we asked about the yoga classes or at least where the yoga room was and were told “no yoga”. Then we asked about the bar and were told “no bar. before, bar. now, no bar”. It was also way too hot in our non ac room. Each cottage was clearly built to hold in as much heat as possible, and were modeled off of ski lodges. As we looked around, we started noticing a large number of Christian icons and symbols, statues of Jesus and crucifixes, and quotes from the Bible. As the horror sunk in, we realized that the owner had undergone some sort of born again conversion over the last year or two and decided to strip the place of all that had made it lovely, starting with the bar. The yoga room, we surmise, was turned into the “prayer room” behind the front desk. (I kid you not. There was actually a prayer room.)

Later that night, the fun really began, as the resort was hosting a private “DJ” party prior to the wedding they would host the next day. Our room being in the neighborhood of 95 degrees (35 celsius), we had the windows open and fan full tilt. Of course we were right next to the outdoor space where the party music was blaring. We complained and got moved to an AC room in the back, and after yelling a little at the guy who asked us to pay more, we settled on it being their fault / we would not pay more and slept through the night in air conditioned bliss.

We are now in the city of Mangalore, where we will take a train to Udipi in a short while.


  1. tlitten says:

    A bit of advice about lodging in India: lower your expectations and you won’t be as easily disappointed.