Mysore, Shmysore…


We tried to reserve a train to Mysore (Lenica et moi) but as fate would have it (of course) everything was booked up. So we checked into other cities beginning with the letter “M”. Bingo! We are headed to Mangalore, then will probably follow the coast (or our other whims) and head north. We will also bid a tearful farewell to our lovely new friend Silvia as she departs for Delhi and Dharamsala (or Spain, she isn’t sure.)


  1. Sally at the Beach says:

    well wherever you et al are headed … hope it is off to cooler places … cannot even imagine the heat you have been experiencing … life is a calmer and gentler place here at the beach as you well know (if you can recall). Jose, Ale, Suzy and I went to a very cool restaurant — the Penthouse in Santa Monica … the place reminded me of you and I made a comment that you would love it … it is a very cool, hip place and a major el-lay scene … food was exquisite … altho do not know if you eat meat anymore … have enjoyed all the fotos and postings (love the butterball and tell me you did not eat at that Pizza Hut) … I think I have caught up with you and your yoga now … impressive! you look oh-so fab … heat, mosquito netting, yoga mat and all … your ‘crow’ is amazing … hope you get to the mountains soon … wishing you cooler horizons! hugs/kisses, ~Sally at the beach