Yoga Vacation


Yes, that is what it is called, although it will hardly be a vacation. I am heading to Neyar Dam today (just north of Trivandrum in Kerela) to begin a 2 week yoga training at the Sivanandra Ashram here. I am not at all sure that I will have internet access during that time, so if the blog goes dim for a couple of weeks you will know that I am locked in some serious asanas.


  1. Sally @ the Beach says:

    hmmmm … “vacation” … definitely something I am longing for altho a yoga-ashram-vacation is not in my stars … I so admire you for doing this “vacation” … namaste, my dear friend.

  2. Shaun/Sean says:

    Kovalam beach last few days was 37 and humid but at least we had the sea to cool off in (though Breandan poor boy sustained yet another injury from a very big wave) – so no idea how you’re coping with yoga 24/7 in those conditions – don’t suppose rooms have A/c?!! but spare a thought for us 3 back in London with the sleet and snow and what feels like Siberia! Shaun x