If you are thinking about health tourism…


Think again. Or be very careful. Having heard many good stories about the quality of medical/dental care in parts of India, I decided to try out the dental clinic on the north clifftop in Varkala. It looked clean, the brochure looked very professional. I wasn’t planning on having major reconstructive surgery (although they list crowns, bridges, etc in the brochure). I thought it would be a fairly safe bet to get a teeth cleaning. Was I ever wrong. The equipment was in bad shape, the hygiene a bit suspect, the training lax. The dental hygienist used one of those sonic things to clean my teeth, but wielded it more like a jackhammer and took a small chip out of the side of one of my front teeth. When, after the cleaning I noticed this and went back to complain, he assured me that it wasn’t him, it couldn’t have been him. Then he sat me down in the chair and did an extremely fast “patch” job on the chip with some enamel colored whatever and a hot light to bake it into place. Fortunately for me it is not super visible and doesn’t hurt at the moment, but I will definitely need to visit a real dentist at some point to fix this. ugh.


  1. livinghigh says:

    yes :)
    goa is also made for tourists. but thankfully, not dirty/icky. just fun n friendly and lazzzzzyyyyyyyyyyy
    :) have fun.

  2. Mom says:

    I guess that answered my question about the dental clinic!

  3. Mo says:

    And while you’re at it – why don’t you go to England for some braces! Stephen, what were you thinking????