Like Proud Mary…


Left a good job in the city…We next headed to Periyar, supossedly the most visited wildlife reserve in India. When we got there, we decided to spend a little extra and stay in a posh place inside the reserve itself. With our expensive hotel came a “free” boat ride around the man made lake at the center of Periyar. The boat was super crowded with French tourists. The only good thing I can say about this group of tourists was that they weren’t American. Call me jaded, but the scenery was also less than thrilling. I can see why Indians love this place, the environment is quite unlike anything else in India. But for Europeans and Americans, it resembles a lot of places we have seen. Also, I think I am just not the Safari / Trekking / Nature Reserve Type. I can appreciate landscapes and nature in certain contexts, but the safari-on-the-cheap feel of this place left me a little cold.

From Periyar