Won’t you take me to…Jew Town?


Yes, there is an area in Cochin called “Jew Town”. It was once the center of a thriving Jewish community, although these days it would be better named “Kashmiri Town”, as this is the main ethnic group that inhabits the area and sells their wares (that are mostly Kashmiri in origin).

It was fascinating to visit the area though, especially the Pardesi Synagogue. Sitting inside, with almost no Jews left in cochin, one wonders what it must have been like, to live there for so long and then emigrate en masse to Israel, where their culture must have been so very different from those they found themselves among. There were in fact several waves of emigration by Jews to Kerela and Cochin in the first place, starting with traders BCE, including a large group after the destruction of the second temple by the Romans, and followed by the European traders much later who built the synagogue I was in.

From Jew Town


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