Love Hangover


I have been meeting a lot of devotees or believers here, yet I remained unconvinced. I have no doubt that this is a wonderful woman who has devoted her life to service. But I don’t feel the devotion to her that most of the others do. I have met some really nice people from all over though. Andreas from Denmark and Timothy from the BayArea in the US, to name but two.

I had a long talk with a nice guy from California this morning who goes (sometimes) by his Amma given name, “Shree Hari”, although in the States he goes by “Jess” . He told me all about his seven or so year journey to being a devotee, and his feelings of surrender and service that Amma inspires in him. It was interesting to hear him relate a few borderline supernatural visions that he has had in the presence of Amma. I have yet to experience any such vision either here or elsewhere. Perhaps I haven’t needed to yet. I remain hopeful and cheerful about it though.

I keep returning to and re-experiencing being put off by the type of idol worship and devotion I see. I keep returning to my abstract center, where all life is connected, but never concentrated in one being or idol or special place. Amma’s message of self sacrifice and service to others may be a good one, but a great many of her followers fetishize everything about her, seemingly avoiding the message in favor of the image.


  1. Mom says:

    That is the story of most, if not all, religions…the message is the hard part, so why not substitute veneration of the messenger. And kill people who refuse to participate……

  2. troy m litten says:

    So, let me get this straight… If I awaken the Universal Motherhood within me, I become “Troy, the Embodiment of Love”, and thus receive lots of hugs from strangers? Sign me up!

  3. Jan says:


    Glad we did not get a hug. George is running a fever again and I have some chest problem. We could have infected thousands. Your quest reminds me of some of the revivalists in the U.S., ‘rise and be healed’. Don’t you suppose it is a form of self hypnosis, which can work wonders?
    We head back to the US today. Take care of yourself.

    Love, Jan and George