Match on! Toh Videocon!


These were my lines yesterday during the commercial shoot. (The one word of Hindi is “toh” which means “so” or “therefore”. Videocon is a some sort of brand. Match on!, obviously means tha match is on).  I ended up being a rowdy New Zealand cricket fan (which Nikhil assures me is eminently better than being an Aussie). It was a fascinating experience (I will post the pics later, and hopefully link to a video clip so you can watch me in all my, er, glory). Most of the foreigners knew each other as they are part of the foreign actor circuit here. They usually get their work through guys called “coordinators” which send them to screen tests and on shoots. As soon as I was done filming my bit in the morning, the vultures (coordinators) started circling. They asked to take my picture and was I available for more work and how long would I be in Mumbai, etc etc.  I think I see a new career here (or at least a way to supplement my budget). In fact, I was at the airport awaiting my flight to Cochin this morning and got called for another gig, can you believe that?


  1. Mo says:

    OMG! I smell footprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater!

  2. Bishnupriya Ghosh says:

    Can’t wait to see the footage…will you be able to post it? Yesterday was dragstrip, and we stayed home. miss you,