You like me, you really like me!


Color me surprised. I just received a call about 10 minutes ago, and I actually got the part in the commercial! We shoot Monday. To recap, I am a rabid Australian cricket fan. But I have to ask, “What’s my motivation?”

So after all the hassle I went through yesterday trying to book train tickets (and learning that it was a holiday weekend, hence the difficulty) I had given up and decided to book a flight direct to Cochin on Tuesday. How lucky am I (since we shoot on Monday)? I’m beginning to think there is a reason for everything (except day-glo lycra, that is).


  1. Mom says:

    My son, the Bollywood star!!

    (Bob, being less easily impressed, says they must have really been hard up…)

    When are you meeting up with Jan and George??

  2. Stijn says:

    Congratulations with your FIRST part and job sinds …

  3. Todd says:

    No kidding! Very cool.

  4. mike z says:

    i’m deeply offended.
    sitting here in my day-glo lycra tubetop and short shorts, feeling all badly about my wardrobe choices.

    beware of fame and fortune, poor britney shaved her head. let us not forget sinead.

    meditation prison eh? good gawd, just convert to catholicism… i hated it.
    celebrate the year of the pig! oink.

    the house closes march 9th, then it’s on to the ‘queen city of the plains.’ yes, you may withhold comments.

    i really wish i was filthy rich… (or even had an extra 10K); i’d join you.
    i’d rather stay in sydney and melborne, you could shower at my place!

    love u mucho! cheers z

  5. troy Litten says:

    knock ’em dead!

  6. shankar says:

    you’re obviously daft trying to find in an india all body now…we’re into hamburgers, software, winning cricket matches and the sounds of sound…silence and vipassana is for the maladjusted rich from the west and growing victims of affluence at home…go down the coasts, see the beauty of the country, eat great food without woorying of early death…and ask all your friends to come here…heard mozart yesterday in bombay almost as good as salzburg…your rajdhani train pal…shankar