Day 11 (Goodbye, Igatpuri)


We have a final meditation session in the morning that includes something called “Metta Bhavana“. In it we send out compassionate thoughts to all beings and although a little corny, I find myself getting a bit choked up at the end. We ask all those we have done wrong to, intentionally or unintentionally, for forgiveness and forgive all those who have done us harm. I am really feeling it, and the release is beautiful and freeing.

I share the 8am train back to Mumbai with my new friends Shumona and Dhanajay. We have some hearty laughs and great discussions ranging across many topics. I have to admit to feeling quite a high.


  1. kartiki says:

    :) delightful read!

    these were more or less the same things i felt during my first course at dhammagiri.
    recently got done with my second one and i would highly recommend meditators to do it.. well.. more than once.

    the first time around, you would see that there is some light at the end of the tunnel only by day 10 or 11… the second course makes you resilient and “equanimous” right from day 1 and probably the resolve to do it right from the word go. Therefore, taking the entire experience on a different high.

    i sincerely hope you do more courses at one of the “tapovans” (the vibes there help while meditating… serious!)

    (P.S. sadhu simply means…. we agree, we agree, we agree)