Days of Vipassana


As mentioned in previous posts, I decided to try a silent 10 day vipassana meditation. I had heard about it from various friends or read a little about it in books like “Holy Cow“, so I was intrigued.

I must admit to being not at all prepared for the physical (and to some extent mental) challenge this would turn out to be. The things I thought would be the most difficult turned out to be the easiest and vice versa. To say nothing of the things I didn’t expect at all.


  1. tijned says:


    Hello, good post, thanks…

  2. Christina says:

    Hi after reading your article in the Star today, i find it intrigue to come across your article as i am taking up meditation and to look at life in a different perspective more meaningful i guess.And yes, when you are fully aware of our fears and aversion its all in the state of mind.Keep them comin :)


  3. lee says:

    hi om shanti, greeting of peace. i believed after 10 days of vippasana medition, it has really transform u, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. if all of us can go within and seek inner bliss and happiness i am sure this world is truely a peaceful world. om shanti,

  4. Azalea says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I read your writing on NST first and was intrigued by it as I too am into meditation.

    Congratulation and I believe you don’t wanna come back to your old self as you have been awakened! I have discovered that another easy way to go deeply into meditation is by practising Yoga. Try it! Make it a ritual, you will never regret it. I also agree with Lee, if each and everyone of us practise Meditation, there won’t be hatred, only LOVE.

    “Friends 2 Mankind”

  5. sidney says:

    Dear Stephen,

    You have had a wonderful oppourtunity make the best of it, your teacher will not be around forever and all that we will have left to remember him and respect him is the way of Buddha. There is no isim here. He didn’t want us to go there, that is why anyone can take this meditiation and get something out of it. It is inclusive in all ways and never exclusive. All one need do is the work and as the enlightened one said the best way you can worship me is following the way of the teaching. No other form of gratitude is necessary. Just follow the dhamma. Many ggod lucks Stephen you took a beautiful first step on what is a lifelong journey to find shanti and go beyond our fears.

    I did a course in Dhamma Giri some years past. I found it very difficult to sit there at the time, as the Indians were belching and farting there way to enlightenement and disturbing me to no end. However, as the teacher would say to me, “what a wonderful oppourtunity, go through these distractions.” However, I wasn’t that high or together and so I moved my place. But being surrounded by the Buddha field is an extrodinary feeling and it seems you had the good fortune to feel some of that. Work, work, work and you are bound to be successful, bound to be successful. With metta.