I want to know


There is something amazing I have been noticing here in India. I love it when people tell me about their faith. I am deeply, sincerely interested in listening to how they came to their belief systems, why they believe what they believe, what the circumstances of their journeys have been, and what the details of their faith entail. I would have mostly been annoyed by this back in the US, finding it slightly (or very) impolite and having the feeling that people were shoving their religion down my throat.

Here, the opposite is true. I am genuinely pleased that people will take the time and sincerely share with me their thoughts and feelings about [fill in the blank here with God, Meher Baba, Gurus, Buddha, Krishna, etc]. I am astonished by the fact that I seem to bring this out in people everywhere I go. Is it just the way things are in India, or is there something about the presence of a stranger on a cultural and spiritual journey that encourages people to try to connect on a deeper level with me?

The sincerity of the people who have shared their beliefs with me is overwhelming. Whether someone’s father or grandmother, westerners from a hippy tradition, business people in the cities or farmers in the countryside, all have eagerly and tenderly opened their hearts to me. And strangely, I have to them.


  1. livinghigh says:

    aha. cudnt WAIT to get up in the morning and write dat down, cud ya?
    meant to ask, how ure lunch date went. hehe.

  2. Jose says:

    So thrilled to hear a bit about your spiritual curiosity…

    Any reflections on how this is impacting your view/conception of the divine? the religious? etc?