No, this isn’t a post about finding a Guru or anything spiritual. 

Went to go see the new Bollywood film Guru last night with Meeta et al. Despite the obvious fact that I don’t speak Hindi, I was able to get the gist of the film from the visuals and several well placed wispers to Meeta. Guru tells the story of an Indian industrialist who rose to great prominance and was then the target of several investigations into his business practices (and their legality/morality).

The fact that we are supposed to see the main character as a kind of hero is a little disturbing to me. During the film he lashes out at Indian bureaucracy and red tape, justifying his lawbreaking and other tactics in the service of some noble end (read: unfettered business and wealth creation). The moral comes down to this: The end justifies the means. I couldn’t disagree more. For me, the means ARE the ends (just as the journey is the destination).

Still, the production values were superb and the music quite good, continuing my introduction to Bollywood and its special language.


  1. Mom says:

    You really are my son! (Like I had any doubt!) I don’t know whether you remember my first book–I’m not sure whether you even read it, since I sure can’t get you to read the newest one–but in it I explained that “the means are the ends” was the whole point of the Bill of Rights. The how is as important, if not more important, that the what.