Much derided by many, I loved Chandigarh. I found its fascinating mix of utopian modern plan mixed with Indian way of life very interesting. Each of the sectors has its own feel and the Corbu buildings (what little I could see of them since security was crazy tight) were very cool.

I also discovered what is apparently India’s most visited tourist attraction after the Taj, the Rock Garden just south of the capital complex. This place was whimsical (although I generally abhor that word, this was the good kind of whimsy) and a lot of fun to explore.

I also have to say that I was extremely lucky (by way of Nik, thanks!) to meet and stay with Gaggan and his lovely extended family. I met his father, uncles, brother, mother and grandparents all living under the same roof and the warmth of this family will stay with me for a long time. They are Sikh and were very sharing with me about their belief system which I find to be quite sympathetic. The Sikhs are very egalitarian and social responsibility minded, as evidenced by their gurudwaras which are open to all, serving meals and providing other services for the communities in which they operate.




  1. Mom says:

    Great photos–although this won’t rank as one of my favorite Corbu buildings. The “rock garden” reminded me a little of Gaudi’s park in Barcelona.

    You look very good–warms a mommy’s heart.

    I got my phone bill, and evidently I called you when you were in Thailand, to the tune of 62.00. I don’t think I’ll do that again!

    Take care of yourself! Love, Mom